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Look at the statement from MCConnell when he tapped Scott for the job. Scott is specifically chosen for the color of his skin, not his knowledge of the topic

Again, it’s Tom Cottons committee. Scott is not on it. He’s on Banking and others

But so what? They chose him and it went over pretty well. People with your world view see it as a bunch of evil men manipulating a poor dumb black guy, or a black guy who’s a liar and is playing this role for money or career opportunity. That’s the problem because that in itself is racist or at the very least points out that you really do believe that there is no possible legitimate reason that a black person could be a Republican. I know that I also think the worst of many Democrats so I am a little sympathetic but dang, I can remove my head from my rear end when push comes to shove…. can you?

There are legitimate reasons for this black guy to believe what he’s saying. He’s not a dummy and I think it’s safe to say that he’s heard all your evidence and still disagrees with you. If you can’t accept that then I see that as a big problem for you and is certainly not an objective view.