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So, because that should be an unpleasant though to ANY actual American the GOP floats out bogus claims of fraud and BOGUS slogans like “every voter should have an ID ” to provide its members with a mental barrier between themselves and the SUPPRESSION, an EXCUSE so as to not have to consider the ATCUAL FACTS.

We always get hung up here. You seem to believe that getting the most people to vote is the ideal. I disagree with that. Voting is a personal responsibility it’s not a responsibility of a political party or the government or whatever. In fact when we get to where we are already it often amounts to coercion. I’ve said before that Democrats won’t be happy until they can track down every black person and physically put a ballot in their hand and force them to vote. It’s a fundamental disagreement that invalidates or at least waters down all the mountains of evidence that you continually use to claim that nobody could possibly believe x y or z because you’ve got it all diagramed over here.

This is something that you can’t seem to get past. All of these mountains of “facts” you keep tossing out there are riddled with holes. I understand that to you it proves completely the point you are trying to make but it does not. This is a perfect example.