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Always interesting to see some of these teams take guys that “draft experts” had rated as 2nd rd grades….then see how they produce. I’m a believer of if you’re sold on a certain guy and he is there, take him.. obviously not taking a 3-7th rd guy in the first tho. You sure as heck better be right tho. Also, some of these “reaches” come from teams in the back portion of the 1st, with guys that are graded as 1st-2nd rd. So those teams likely can’t get them in the 2nd, and if they really like them then it’s not really a reach…a late 1st is essentially a 2nd anyway, much like an early 2nd is similar to a late 1st.
I’m not overly sold on Tryon, however, the Bucs seemed like they couldn’t get their pick in fast enough..so I’ll trust that he has big potential.
What positions do we go for in the 2nd and 3rd, and do we trade up for any particular guy?
Very tough to get a grasp on who might be there for us at the back of each rd.
Javonte Williams will be gone (most likely in the first 10 picks in the second)
Creed- same
Dickerson- could slide, but honestly wouldn’t take him until late 3rd or 4th with the hope that he can stay healthy. Ton of talent but you’re putting your job on the line if you take him early 2nd
I have no idea who we are looking at in the second, seems like one of the more mysterious drafts we’ve had…of course winning a SB can do that lol
In the 3rd I wouldn’t mind swinging for the fences and taking Marvin Wilson or Tamorrion Terry. I already hear the “FSU homer” comments coming (honestly wouldn’t draft a lot of their guys over the next few years). However, Wilson has the potential, assuming he gets his head straight and plays with his high motor of the 19 season, to be able to replace Suh the following season.
If you’ve been able to stomach any FSU games in the last 3 years, then you’ll know what Terry can do. The guy had 1k season with James Blackmon, that’s incredible in itself. He’s a guy that can really get down field fast and rip high passes out of the air. Terry has a higher ceiling that a lot of guys ranked higher. Yes we resigned AB, but to a 1 yr deal (if not mistaken)…can’t guarantee Godwin is back, Evans is creeping up on age and has been injured. Terry could easily replace Watson, and potentially be our #1 or #2 in a few seasons. He’s got a massive ceiling, and could get a good mentor like Evans to help him refine some things.