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I have never said that I agree with Republicans in every case that you bring up. What I reject is the idea that anything that makes it more difficult to vote is necessarily evil. First of all, despite your complaints to the contrary, voter fraud does exist. There certainly should be a point at which we are making it too easy for people to abuse the system and it’s in that world that we find ourselves.

I certainly do not think it’s appropriate for bands of activists to target certain neighborhoods and knock on doors to fill out ballots for people. I’m not saying that’s even happening I’m using it to point out that there is always on ongoing discussion about how easy it should be. That would be far too easy for me and would be far too easy to allow fraud.

I think that actually is happening right now if I’m honest. Even going to the nursing homes is a little twisted in my view. Many people in nursing homes are no longer cognizant of the world they live in. Thats just a fact. It’s something that sounds all nice at first glance but really is begging to be abused.

And you’ll say, but Jbear, now you’re talking about some sort of mental dexterity test to be allowed to vote….. NO I AM NOT. I’m talking about people taking personal responsibility for voting. When you are no longer cognizant of the world then you most likely won’t vote and that is ok because the alternative is some spoiled rich brat who’s decided to become a marxist is going to get dozens of votes. That would be bs