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LEAVE IT TO JBEAR TO SAY THAT A REPRESENTAIRVE DEMOCRACY IS BETTER SERVED BY LESS VOTERS? WTF? Its is precisely because we are REPRESENTATIVE democracy that it should be imperative to get as many people to vote as possible so that the ELECTED representatives actually reflect the people they represent.

The only way that post by you would be funnier is if you simultaneously posted that a poll was invalid BECAUSE OF ITS SMALL SAMPLE SIZE

(JBear, kidding aside, you have once again talked your self into a corner. This is precisely what happens when the arguments are illogical or not genuine)

LOL too funny that I happen to agree with the framers of the constitution.

This is exactly the mindset that earned you 4 years of Donald J Balls Trump as President. I think you believe you’ve got the upper hand now so it’ll probably all work out… Famous last words if I’ve ever heard any.

In four years Kim Kardashian will probably be President…. yes she’s a Democrat.