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@JBear -since you’re basically offering the same point of view, listen to this.

Honesty test – are people who believe there is systemic racism in the US actually saying that ALL INSTITUTIONS ARE BANKRUPT?

The normal, rational and apolitical person would tune out everything a person like DeSantis said AFTER that absurd lie. For goodness sake, we have been discussing 18 police departments in the United States. The US has something like 18 . . THOUSAND . . . police departments . . 18,000.


This video of DeSantis . . on Faux news, of course . . . is a great example of the problem. He wants to get elected president, so he wants all of you ANGRY . . so the way to do that is to take an issue and twist it into the extreme . . so, if you believe we have systemic racism issues you believe ALL INSTITUTIONS ARE BANKRUPT?

good grief, the problem in the country is MORONS who lick that shit up off his feet.