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I do not believe that America is a racist country.
I do not believe there is systemic racism.
I do not believe there are many cops who go to work with the idea of how many black people can I kill today.

If that link about the Georgia cop is true he needs to seek alternative employment. Simple as that.

I DO believe there are racists in America.
I DO believe there are racist communities and organizations.

I also believe that a vast majority of Americans have no beef with black people just because they are black.

Do white people stereotype sometimes? Sure. I get nervous when I enter certain neighborhoods in the daytime let alone at night because I’m white. That is not because of racist reasoning but when it’s not a very nice neighborhood, and I’m the only white guy around and everyone is staring at me, I get a little edgy.

I left my phone at the gym the other week. I got to another store before I realized and turned back. I was running up the stairs and I saw a guy with 2 phones in his hand, one looked very similar to mine. I blurted out “my phone, did you find that” or something similar. This black guy looked up, grunted something and continued on his way. I opted to go where I last had my phone and lo and behold there it was. As I started back he came back up the stairs and got in my face saying he has 2 phones and didn’t steal my phone. I apologized, said I presumed he had found mine phone because he had 2, after all it is somewhat unusual for someone to be walking around with 2 phones. As we walked down the stairs I apologized again and said again I had made an assumption and he turned round and simply said “I don’t want to talk to you.”

We both made assumptions and got it wrong, the difference is judging by his re-action he thinks I was racially profiling him. My point, not all negative interaction with African Americans are driven by racist motives. Though to listen to some, you would be forgiven for thinking so. What’s more, stereotyping is not one way traffic.

So no, I do not think America is a systemically racist country, I believe that it has been conditioned to think it is. Therefore any negative interaction is automatically assumed to be.