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I do not think America is a systemically racist country

lol, maybe its just semantics, who knows

The issue is whether there is systemic (system-oriented) racism in America. This gets flipped (self-servingly) by conservatives into “America is not a racist country”

“systemic racism”

“Civil rights leaders and advocates are demanding an end to systemic racism, a reference to the systems in place that create and maintain racial inequality in nearly every facet of life for people of color.”

Everyome is focused on policing because of the high profile acts of violence, but just think of BANKING.

Absolutely . . 1000% the banking industry was ALIGNED AGAINST AFRICAN AMERICANS AND NOW HISTRIY-DEFICIENT DOPES .. make stupid claims that Dems are to blame for crime in cities . . as if RED LINING NEVER EXISTED?

For goodness sake, just ask yourself if you were running in a south Georgia neighborhood would three white redneck wanna be cops try to arrest you?

If you are dring with a hiden tag in anew vehicle, do you ned up gettign maced, dragged ott he ground etc?

, sometimes its tough to tell but you’re simultaneously saying there is no systemic racism while describing an event that was base don sterotyping????? So cops are immune? Bankers are immune?

Its like youre all so insecure about race that you get so hyper defensive that you have to turn the claim into “America is a racist country”: or like Desantis “all institutions are bankrupt”