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Above any franchise that has never won a SB, arguably above most that have only won one.

To me the horrible winning percentage is negated by having two SB wins, and a winning record in the playoffs. The Bucs are one of eleven teams with a winning playoff record, but have the worst overall win %.

So who would you rather be? Carolina Panthers who rank 22nd in winning %, have a winning playoff record, but 0 Super Bowl wins?

Vikings rank 7th in winning %, losing playoff record, and 0 Super Bowl wins.

Ravens and Bucs are the only two franchises that are undefeated in Super Bowls, with multiple wins.

The lows are low with the Bucs, but the highs are high, and they get to heights that some franchises have never seen.

The whole point is to win Super Bowls, right? Don’t get me wrong, all the years of futility are frustrating as hell, and over the long run maybe it is better to be a fan of the Vikings or Chargers, but they don’t know the joy do they? There is also that satisfaction of getting more than one Super Bowl win.

Only downside to winning the Super Bowl is it makes the draft an afterthought. I’m a big fan of the draft, and really didn’t care at all this year. The draft is much more compelling when you are drafting early, and you are convincing yourself that your team is one guy away from the playoffs.

The Bucs may never win another, but they’ve got two, and they were great seasons that many teams fans can only imagine. I’ll take that.