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he point is that not everything should be looked at through the lens of racism, yet we have been conditioned to see it that way. If we can put that aside (without denying there ARE some racists in this country) I think we can go a long way to putting this mainly behind us.

So @Spartan, even though you probably find this phrase objectionable, this quote above from you is an example of ” white privilege” in that you seem to be unable to relate to the reality of the black guy even though was offered RIGHT BELOW WHERE YOU CUT THE QUOTE :-)

because black people are profiled individually and SYSTEMICALLY . .

“The beginning of 2019 marked 22 years since the introduction of the first piece of proposed legislation on racial profiling: the Traffic Stops Statistics Act of 1997, H.R. 118. Passed unanimously by the US House of Representatives in March 1998, this bill constituted the first attempt by any legislative body to come to grips with what had become known as “racial profiling”: the police practice of stopping black and brown drivers in disproportionate numbers for traffic infractions, in attempts to investigate other crimes for which the police had no evidence. The tactic, used to target drug interdiction evidence on highways and interstates across the country, had existed for years. But it had come to wider public knowledge in the early and middle 1990s with the filings of legal actions against the New Jersey and Maryland state police forces.”

Probably easier for a white person to “put it aside” than a black person. You likely have the privilege of not being subject to similar level of discrimination.