Boid Fink

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This was a bad selection, and I know football enough to know Trash Trask will never amount to anything in the NFL. His arm is weak, he holds the ball too long, he wasn’t that good! You guys watched this guy play, no way he is worth a second or even third rounder. Just another classic Licht boneheaded second round pick. Ossai, Minerz…those guys will be a part of the future. TRASK WILL NEVER BE GOOD. NOT IN THE nFL. No way, his arm is pathetic, he has zero athleticism, just a garbage pick all around. Hate this pick, almost as much as Aguayo.

2 tops guys I had left before the Chiefs picked was 1. Creed 2. Trask

I understand Boid’s disappointment missing out on Creed. He will be a great ball player. But dude. Let’s not front that we know quarterback evaluation better than the Bucs brass.