Boid Fink

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There is no fucking way they see Trask as an “heir apparent” to the GOAT. This was a garbage pick, another in a long history of wasted Licht second rounders. I think he personally selects these second rounders. Trash Trask is slow, weak, terrible arm, hands onto the ball…you guys watched him play. Licht at one point thought Aguayo was worthy of a second rounder. Remember this man can turn into a retard at the drop of a hat. Brady win this title. Not Licht.

I guess all the Trash doubters will have to sit back and shut up now. I will defer my opinion to the NFL professionals. If Arians and Licht think Trask is the heir apparent to Brady then so be it. Kyle has 2 seasons to learn the playbook and develop physically before taking the reins.