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Let’s not get confused , Bruce makes the calls on picks , not JL

This is particularly true with a quarterback. We have the quarterback whisperer head coach, and the ex-quarterback offensive coordinator. They ought to have a pretty good idea what they want in a quarterback. They had choices among a closely bunched 2nd Tier of QBs, based on the two that went right after. So they dind I don’t get excited about Trask, because all I know is what the draft profiles say. Frankly, the pundits were not overly excited about Trask. But I’m willing just a fan and I have to operate under the assumption that Arans and Leftwich know what they want in a quarterback and they saw it in Trask.

But Licht is not off the hook. This is the second quarterback he has ever drafted. We know how the first one worked out. The Buc stops here. Licht has to make the final call. That’s his job.