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Why wasn’t Gabbert a serviceable QB learning behind Brady? Or Griffin? Guys either have next level skills, or they are busts. Trash Trask has no redeeming qualities to be co suffered a good backup, he knows nothing about the offense as or players…his physical tools are extremely limited…this was a universally acknowledged poor selection. If you watched him play, you have to be livid. This guy is what he is, he will never be anything. Easy isn’t going to teach him anything. Has Brady ever really taught any QBs worth more? He won’t with a less talented guy like Trash Trask. What a sad selection. Aguayo-sequel. Pfff….

Why should I defer? They are fallible. And some of those picks by Licht in round 2 are painfully obviously bad picks. This is another one. Laughably bad. Brady is the team. Licht is drunk in round 2.

Defer to the professionals. If , Licht, Arians and the coaches/scout are ok with Kyle Trask then so am I. Bucs have to years to evaluate Trask. Kyle has 2 years to learn the playbook and develop physically/mentally from the Greatest QB to play the game.

The only positive here is Trask will learn from Brady, so as long as he pays attention and works hard to become what Brady is he may turn out to be a serviceable QB.

Brady was considered worse coming out so as much as I don’t like the pick crazy things could happen. Not likely but, possible.