Boid Fink

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Tryon is not setting edges from what I have seen and read. He needs to get tougher on the edge…hopefully the culture will help him, he is a big kid, a lot of upside potential.

It’s a B- because it addresses a need, but doesn’t necessarily fit the “kill all running backs” mentality. He is meh against the running backs.

Trash is a completely wasted pick by Licht who loves to waste second rounders. Makes me ill trying to understand this awful pick. Not sure what anyone can say to defend this pick…I haven’t heard one single thing that makes sense. Except they need a backup and it is cheaper to keep a dud like Trask than to resign a Gabbert, both are garbage anyway. But I would rather see Gabbert I. There before Trash, I’ll tell you all that every day.

Hainsey has some potential, and he provides depth for our most valuable player. Can’t keep trying to coach up sixth rounders and Undrafted projects to protect the most valuable player this team has. Good effort. Licht must have went home during this pick. I’m sure he was eyeing some safety from Western Hampton College School of Knowledge…or a wide out from Francissville University of Idaho.