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Just hope he ends up better than Quinn Meinerz. I thought that was the G/C most Bucs fans thought would be a perfect fit. Even Kiper as he drooled over Meinerz when picked, said his comparison was “Ryan Jensen from TB. A guy defenses hate playing against, a nasty tone setter who really gets after it and likes mixing it up “ – Oh okay, sooo a Ryan Jensen comparison didn’t make sense for TB with said Ryan Jensen a FA next year? 🤔

Kiper, Jeremiah, PFF, literally everyone had Quinn Meinerz higher. Jeremiah compared him to Ali Marpet a month ago. So this guy was compared to TWO different Buc interior linemen? Jeremiah predicted he’d be better than Marpet as well.

Idk man, I get that no pick was gonna break the line up but wouldn’t you want to hope to reload and be able to replace a FA maybe? Imho Tryon, position player( McNeil ?)and Meinerz sure looks a whole lot better than what we have.

I hope I’m wrong, truly do. Cus every other playoff team got stronger. Wash was a 5 pt game with about 4 mins to go. They are drastically better. KC ? Much improved.