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If you are dring with a hiden tag in anew vehicle, do you ned up gettign maced, dragged ott he ground etc?

I do think the police are far too aggressive against citizens. Not defending what happened to this guy because it really is bs but those plate covers piss me the hell off. They are used by low life’s to get out of paying tolls. I know there are some anti government types who could make an argument that part of me would like to be sympathetic with but tolls are one of the few taxes I have little problem with. At least when they are enacted to pay for badly needed roads without raising taxes on everyone. I’m using the road so I pay a tax…. fair is fair.

Most of the cars I see with these things are being driven by assholes who are also speeding, often tailgating and overall driving like shit. I would love to see police give a lot more citations for this.

That said, they shouldn’t be looking inside my car to see if my seatbelt is on in my own damned car and then pull me over when they think I’m not wearing it.

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I know I’m off the rails but heck…. it’s my dime.