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Lol Probably not.

You’re the one not understanding something basic. Tim Scott is entitled to his opinion and the fact that you two and many other liberals can’t accept this without qualifiers is and should be offensive to everyone.

Why do you guys always have to inject all this nonsense “evidence” into every argument when it’s pointless. And no I’m not saying evidence is pointless or that facts are bad… if they are actual facts. But Karma for years and years has done the same thing in every thread. You aren’t proving anything. Tim Scott believes America is not a racist country because he said it. The qualifiers are quite frankly disgusting.

Every school child learns that some things, especially politics don’t have right or wrong answers. It seems that Karma on the other hand believes so strongly in his version of reality that he’s willing to go so far as to say that the other side are making things up to manipulate the public. That they don’t believe what they say, that the whole Republican party exists to lie and manipulate people who already know the real truth but won’t admit it.

It’s a conspiracy theory on the same level as Qanon but you guys will never recognize it for what it is. Again, it is outrageous for people to claim that a sitting U.S. Senator and obviously very intelligent human being doesn’t believe what he says.

No matter how many ways Karma puts his argument that America is a racist country, he still hasn’t proved anything. We seem to already agree on the vast majority of everything. All of us have admitted that racism exists, that bad things happen because of it and that justice in those cases should be served.

Where you guys are so wrong is that you cannot allow Tim Scott to believe what he says… or anyone on team bad guy without calling them liars, uncle Tom’s or just plain dumb.

This whole thread is you guys trying to prove that it is…. which can’t be done. You’ve convinced yourselves…. congratulations. America is not a racist country it is a great country with a race problem that many people legitimately believe will be made worse by what you and the left are trying to do.