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Got some depth in key areas that were needed. Trask doesn’t excite me but I am willing to give him a chance whenever Brady leaves. We are in a position where we can see if he works out and if he does we don’t have to worry much about that position going forward which would be huge. If he doesn’t oh well we have a backup and can find another guy. While would probably rather get an impact guy at that 2nd round choice its done and over with and we knew this was going to be a draft where any guy selected would have a tough time cracking the lineup returning all guys from super bowl lineup. It was a depth draft by default and we drafted depth. Have a feeling no matter who we drafted this weekend wasn’t going to be a starter. Go with best fits and potential. Even if we don’t think Trask has that potential, the bucs do and as a fan of their team gonna have to see if they were right or not. I feel like at some point they gotta get the qb draft selection right. Why not Trask?