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I think all of the picks were just fine. Was Trask a reach? Probably in the 2nd Round. But, BA & JL seemed to like what he brought, plus, he’ll have a couple of years (hopefully) to learn from the G.O.A.T.

Also, the team just won the Lombardi, AND, brought back all 22 starters? This draft was basically a bunch of luxury picks that the team can groom to their liking, without worrying about rushing them onto the field because they have major holes in the roster.

Overall, a B+ grade. Looking forward to seeing my home state guy, Joe Tryon, do well.

Exactly. It’s a luxury draft that we just really just had to make sure we were adding good depth. I realize that people think Trask won’t amount to much but a backup and while we could have just resigned our backup from last year we pretty much know what we got in him. Even though there are experts on how Trask will end up, we still don’t know for sure so that at least is a benefit for him. You don’t get to do that unless your in a luxury place. Is it really gonna set us back if our late 2nd round qb doesn’t amount to a starter? Not really but I can see how people would rather make that pick count.