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First, there is a 99+% chance that Trask will never sniff the level of success of Tom Brady in the NFL. That said, what is the big difference between Brady and Trask coming out of college? Both had solid but not great arms. Both were considered intelligent and accurate. Neither were mobile, but showed ability to move in the pocket. If we would have used the 64th pick on Brady in 2000, most of us would not have been jumping for joy when announced….right? Trask will either develop into a solid NFL backup (or starter, or All Pro, or HOF’er) or he will be out of the league….that will depend on his abilities, work ethic and personal will. It would seem like the perfect situation for him personally to increase his chances of success in the NFL. As I have stated, I would have went Davis Mills, but it is clear the FO/Arians saw something they liked in Trask. Once he takes the field in Bucs practice gear, he will have my full support to succeed.