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It won’t be because we missed out on a player from the late 2nd round. People need to realize we were drafting with no real needs at the starting positions. So drafting drafting a qb of the future makes sense when you don’t have one. Whats funny is I think he is just insurance if Brady retires in the near future. If Brady doesn’t retire soon then Trask will pretty much have to be moved to get experience somewhere. Then later we draft someone. I think most people including the bucs think he’s got at most 2 more years? So if he has longer we probably trade Trask or just keep him back up because he needs to play at some point or he won’t amount to much. 2 years tho is plenty of time to learn from Brady and work out any kind of bad habits you might have. Obviously won’t be a seasoned vet by then but I sure as hell expect him to be able to apply some of what he’s learned from Brady by then. If not is it really a big deal to start over considering he’s really just a 3rd rounder? I dont get the fuss that much after thinking about it more.