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Yeah OK I’ll mark my calendar for three years from now so I can comment…. or maybe not. Fans can make their grades. Its understood that we can’t really know until later.

I’ll give it a “B-“. but we picked last so what are you going to do. I will go along with the Tryon pick, that was a run on Edge, and so if that is the position you want you had to stand pat and take that player. Trask was “meh”, but if they wanted to get him they had take him then as evidenced by the two QBs taken a couple picks later. Trask was part of the 2nd Tier QB run there. And Hainsey I think they may like his versatility as a tackle and a guard, but it seems like that pick was more about having a versatile backup in 2021 rather than taking a developmental player with a high upside.

Was this a draft where they just came up a little late on some guys like Creed Humphrey in Round 2 or Oweh in Round 1. A bunch of guards came off the board before the Bucs got Hainsey. It was our draft position which got the better of the Bucs. One or two spots higher and we would have drafted different players IMO, but what do I know.