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Worst Trask. Tryon could be close though.

A first round pick on a guy who opted out and had average 2019 tape is super, super risky. If I spend a first round pick on a guy I want a near sure thing based off dominant tape plus the athletic ability.

I watched a bunch of his games and he is nothing special on tape. Super inconsistent with not much pass rush chops. Average against the run. None of the edge rankings from noted film watchers or respected draft guys had him anywhere near where he was drafted. So either everyone else is wrong and Licht is right.

They’re swinging for the fences on this pick. Trouble is I think you need a sure fire pass rusher at that level draft capital given JPP is 32, coming off another knee surgery and coming off contract.

Best – Hainsey. You know what you’re getting there. Good depth.