The Freeman

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so much talk about BPA, in the end it was short term needs view… 3rd edge rusher, cheap backup QB, Joe Haeg’s replacement, return specialist and ST… short term view over BPA!

Grade: C+

1) Tryon B+
biggest need, just wish they would have traded down with all the talent still available… + not a finished product.
2) Trask C-
i’ve said it before, i didn’t want this regime to draft QB the first two days, BA doesn’t have 4-5 years of coaching behind him… new coach = new QB… you can add Trask to the long list of QB drafted by the bucs who didn’t see a second contract here!
3) Hainsey C-
he’s Joe Haeg 2.0, career backup with versatility… in the 3rd round, i want long-term starting potential. (Vaughn last year, Hainsey this year… Licht need to stop picking 4th/5th rounder in the 3rd)
4) Darden C-
how many failed gadget project BA needs to make you think it’s a good trade? + they want to stress ST and pass on Avery Williams twice for him and Britt.
5) Britt D
we’re in 2021, LBs who can’t cover or rush the QB should be udfa! (Najee Goode 2.0)
7a) Wilcox A
Ryan Smith’s potential replacement at the end of the draft could be better value than any previous Licht’s 7th rd pick, i was tired of the FB or DT project.
7b) Stuard A
can’t be A+ for those 7th rd picks with some of the prospect still available (David Moore, some big receivers and TE/HB) but if they’re big contributor on 4th down it’s good value, cause we sucks on ST.