Boid Fink

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Exactly. So many reasons to hate this pick. The wasted draft capital on a 4th round project with limited tools (even GottaJaboo sees it you clowns). Just a terrible contingency plan…a boneheaded move by Licht. This pick was a waste and you guys are being homers otherwise. Trash.

I don’t hate Trask, more hate the pick. I don’t see the point of using a second now on a QB with limited potential. I don’t see/hear anyone talking about Trask potentially developing into a top 10 franchise QB. Our staff immediately said resigning our back up QB is still a priority. Then compared Trask to Brad Johnson. It feels like we drafted a developmental QB because that’s what the manual said we should do to “ensure the future”. When we could sign a Fitz level FA QB damn near every season if/when we need one. Why draft a guy you think is likely that tier of potential? So the pantry is bare at “future QB”, when who gives a shit honestly? Why not squeeze every drop out of this window? I think it’s just stupid to “future plan” and check boxes. No one seems really excited about Trask. No one sees him as maybe the next Breez/Brady/Rogers. So it feels like a complete waste. We don’t even want him to potentially play in 2021. If he can’t beat out Griffen and get him cut it becomes a complete shit show with 4 QBs.