Natural Selection

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I think feeling like we need to find Brady’s successor now is likely what prompted us to waste a second round pick. It’s a simple minded approach that’s detrimental to my fan goal of winning right now as much as possible. It’s built around what I consider a foolish notion you can plan out NFL rosters more than 2/3 seasons into the future. It’s another of the factors where front office is set against fan interest, imo. Jason had to check boxes to feel better job security. So now he can cover that base in the progress reports for ownership. If Trask doesn’t work out, at least we “had a plan”. When the reality we see year after year is there’s always a couple vet journeyman stop gaps for whenever Brady hangs it up. Not to mention the fact I’m well schooled in down years. I’m totally good if we crash out for a season or two in a reset after this run. Jason has a different set of priorities to keep his job.