Diehard Astheycome

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Best – Darden
The one TRUE “slot” guy we have with unbelievable skills especially his stop/go! Not shocked Brady was excited and told BA he can’t wait to throw to him.

Worst- Trask!! Also like 1\4 vote for Hainsey, but LIKE him.

Here me out, I liked him and had him in that rd 4 area as good value but not over Quinn Meinerz! He was made to be a Buc! Small school banger,loves football and dominated Senior Bowl. Voted best Olineman by his defensive teammates for the week. That to me speaks volumes!! That right there means he was one of the 2 best overall blockers in Mobile in the players minds.
Jeremiah predicted hed be as good as Marpet early in the process. The gut punch was after Kiper banging the table forever and Den finally taking him. Said he’s a brawler,true tone setter loves to mix it up and get nasty. A guy ” Defenses HATE playing against, RYAN JENSEN TYPE IN TAMPA BAY”!! So, how did we miss this one? Ability to play Tackle in an emergency is all I can think of.