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Using two of the first three picks the team had on OL/DL is ignoring the trenches?

Ignoring was probably the wrong word. Not maximizing your opportunities in a deep trench draft is probably better wording. There were OL guys in this draft with starting grades from respected people in the 3rd-5th. We chose a 4.76 40 LB in the 5th. I like Darden but at the cost of 2 picks I am not sure bout a 5’7 WR is worth it over DL/OL depth.

Suh, McLendon, Gholston, JPP all over 30. Cappa, Jensen out of contract. We picked the bare minimum of 1 OL and DL to get by.

This should’ve been our trench draft given issues that are coming, like we hit DB’s hard a couple years ago and are now reaping the rewards.