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It will be interesting to see if sitting and watching for 1-2 years actually helps an average QB prospect or if a guy is what he is.

People always point to Mahomes and Rodgers “sitting and learning” but those guys were transcendent prospects destined to be great whether they sat or played early.

I think there is an argument to be made that Tony Romo and Kirk Cousins benefitted from little live action early in their careers as average to below average rookie prospects. Then again maybe a guy just has it or he doesn’t because Dak Prescott was an average rookie prospect with a scouting report shockingly similar to Trask ( and he played pretty well right out of the gate.

I guess it’s impossible to prove time as a backup did or didn’t help a prospect other than taking the coaches at their world. I do think Trask will provide some pretty good evidence in this regard. No one thinks he is going to be a truly elite player so if he takes the field in 2023 and dominates I’m going to take that as proof that sitting and learning behind a good coaching staff and a great QB can really help and improve an average prospect. If he craps the bed after two years with Brady and this staff it’s going to throw a lot of cold water on the “Sit and Learn” QB development theory.