Alldaway 2.0

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Tryon tells me that the Anthony Nelson experiment is over. Nelson should be moved to 5 tech but as a #4 or #5 edge he is okay but I don’t see his roster spot as safe. O’Connor is far more versatile and the same for Ledbetter.

Trask selection is purely a potential cap savings venture which again is hard to justify using a 2nd round pick when you are just going to re-sign Gabbert anyways. Maybe the payoff happens in 2022 or 2023?

Hainsey is not really a project because his technique as a rookie may be on par with Cappa in year 4. I am not that high on Cappa and the staff probably feels that Cappa isn’t receiving a second contract anyways. If Cappa regresses I do not believe his job is safe IMO as the Bucs will turn to Stinnie or Hainsey.

Darden selection is very easy to understand looking at the Bucs roster. Miller’s hands can be iffy and he is purely a deep threat. Watson can’t run the right routes and his hands can be iffy. Mickens can’t run the right routes and his hands are not good. Johnson has very good hands and runs precise routes but he doesn’t have that shiftiness or explosion.

I will say that Hainsey and Darden are going to have a bigger impact early on than probably the first two picks. Tryon will come along once he is back to football shape as he missed time. Trask is an enigma.

If I had to pick a darkhorse to turn heads from this draft class I will have to go with Hainsey. Technically sound and played against much, much better competition than Cappa. If a player like Cappa can start in this league than that is an easy bar for a player like Hainsey to overcome very soon.

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