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Every year, people put way too much emphasis on physical traits and not enough in the brain power, being the ability to know where to go before and shortly after the snap. The most important traits for any QB are as follows: 1) enough arm strength to put the ball down the field at least 40 yards without too much effort, 2) the ability to fit the ball into tight windows at every level and all areas of the field, 3) the ability to accurately throw with anticipation, putting the ball where your receiver can get it and the defender can’t, 4) the ability to read defenses quickly both pre and post snap, and 5) the ability to stand in the pocket and deliver, which also includes the ability to slide around pressure.

Having said all of that, despite his limited starts, Trask was able to demonstrate all of those traits. Same traits that Brady, Manning, Montana, and a host of other top tier pocket passers have had. The NFL has become so fixated on the mobile QB, but mobility has never been a need at the position, even now, unless your o-line sucks. Even then, making a QB scramble all the time when they are mobile doesn’t lead to wins in the passing game all that often.

So why Trask? Because he sees where to go with the ball and is very accurate at getting it there on time with touch (why throw a bullet on a fade or an out?). He processes the game very quickly, and can make all the throws. He stands in the pocket and makes great throws under duress. He can hit all the throws the NFL requires of him. What’s not too like? Now he’s not perfect. He’s got a minor mechanical issue that pops up occasionally and can lead to a floater, but that’s rare enough and can be worked out of him, as it’s not one of those mechanical issues that’s impossible to fix. It’s why he gets the “weak arm” BS that some spout. The kid, in just his second season of starting, including High School, went out and tore up the SEC last year and set records despite a shortened season. He’s going to be a steal, and the Bucs staff recognize it.