Alldaway 2.0

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I have to vote Nelson as well because if Gill shows more growth as a rusher Nelson may not stick. Right now O’Connor, Roach and Ledbetter are more versatile back ups. Nelson does have value though because he can play the run which is a priority for the Bucs defense.

Nelson hypothetically can play 5 tech like the previous players I just mentioned. But right now he is limited to one spot.

Mickens is a given because he is no where near the level of Darden as a WR and as a return specialist is ordinary.

Watson may have a chance but that assumes that Herb Miller and/or Wilcox don’t stick which I think is not likely. The team likes reserves Miller, Franklin, and Cockrell. And having reserves you can count on is important given how inconsistent Dean and SMB have been. Then you factor in that Wilcox has size, speed at CB while being a reliable tackler.

Interesting enough even ourlads has Hainsey listed as the backup RT to Wirfs. Hainsey has short arms but we shall see if he has the chops to be an OT at the pro level. Personally I think Hainsey is going to easily challenge Molchon or Stanley as interior OL which is closer to his skillset. If Cappa regresses I wouldn’t be surprised if Stinnie or Hainsey are up on the deck ASAP.

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