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Very good analysis BucHarbour.

I will admit, I was PISSED when I saw the pick come in on the ticker. I wanted the first few rounds to be able to see the field and contribute this season. I’ll admit that I was not a big fan of Trask, for whatever reason Florida QBs never pan out.. their offense is usually too gimmicky.

On sunday I took the time and watched 2 condensed games: The SEC Championship vs. Bama, and the Florida Georgia game in 2020.

From what I saw, Trask is very accurate, he throws a very catchable ball, he processes very quickly and goes thru his progressions well, he’s not mobile by any stretch but he does move well in the pocket and he’s not afraid to get popped, he throws with anticipation, and the Florida offense they ran with him was MUCH more pro-style then the Florida offense I’ve gotten used to seeing. The play calling was very innovative and I believe it’s because Trask was able to run a more pro style offense, because he’s able to process rather quickly. While he’s really not mobile, he’s built like a truck and he’s done a good job of converting on 3rd and 4th and short and sneaks.

Plus you’ve also gotta love his story, instead of transferring he just put his head down and worked even harder and improved his game.

He doesn’t have a cannon arm, but like BucsHarbour said, I think he can improve his ball velocity by fixing some mechanical issues, I don’t think he could have been put in a better situation. He can hold the clip board and soak up information and learn for a few years.

Sure he’s not the flavor of the week, he’s not Mahomes or Josh Allen, what everyone seems to want at QB right now.. but I’ve changed my tune on the pick.

Had we taken him in Round 1, I don’t think I ever would have… but getting him at the end of round 2, when 2 other QBs went right after… that was where he was going to go, around the 2-3 turn.

To be quite honest, I don’t see a huge difference in Trask while comparing him to Mac Jones, who went middle of round 1. They’re actually quite similar prospects, but for whatever reason Mac Jones shot up everyone’s draft board…