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1. Big, smart, accurate QB that takes what the defense gives him.
2. He isn’t just accurate, his ball placement is excellent – allowing his playmakers to get YAC. Look at Pitts’ and Toney’s highlight tapes and where the ball is placed for those guys, especially when they are covered fairly well. He was lucky to have a lot of playmakers at Florida. Does this Buccaneer team have any offensive playmakers he can take advantage of?
3. Value. The difference between Mac Jones and Kyle Trask as prospects was very minimal. The difference in where they were drafted is pretty huge.
4. The arm-strength thing is way overplayed. He doesn’t’ have a howitzer, but he can make 99% of the throws that need to be made in an NFL game. He isn’t Chad fuggin’ Pennington out there with a popgun arm.
5. Moves well within the pocket and his pocket presence has improved with experience.

The best thing for Trask and the team is he isn’t under any pressure. He has the advantage of not having to take a meaningful snap for a year or two. He may turn out to be nothing but a backup QB, but the selection was good value and made sense for a team with a 44 year old QB come August.