Natural Selection

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I’m interested if people who like the QB pick (and/or Trask specifically) have any internal benchmarks for what “success” will look like.

Does anyone expect Trask to take the backup QB role? BA talked about Gabbert still being a priority, but Bruce talks a lot. I would definitely say the staff loves Trask if they roll into camp with just him and Griffen, but I don’t expect that after hearing Bruce’s initial comments. Though I’m honestly not sure if that’s more a statement on Griffen. If they don’t really trust him to be backup. So I can at least wait for camp to play out before reading too much into those tea leaves.

Can we agree it’s a really bad sign if Trask isn’t at least the 3rd QB out of camp? Obviously we’re all excited now to see him on the field, but preseason will be limited and he’ll probably be getting reps with camp bodies. My worst case scenario is this pick actually hindering the 2021 roster by chaining 4 QBs to it. If we take a 5th/6th round QB and he doesn’t beat Griffen, we cut the rookie. Probably get him back on our practice squad. Our 2nd round QB pick isn’t getting cut out of his first camp. So it seems our 2021 roster will eat him, even if it looks like he’s busting out.

If he is at least a solid 3rd QB as a rookie (meaning we’re not having to keep 4), is it reasonable to expect him to win backup QB in 2022? As much as I disliked our draft, I’m staying focused on being pleasantly surprised more often in recent years. I don’t have strong opinions on Trask, but have to agree his selection seems appropriate value. The QB run just after really vindicates when/where Licht took him, imo. I disagree with the strategy completely, but it seems well executed. I’m kind of interested to see if Bruce/Jason and the rest of the FO team hit on QB. I’m just hoping they went for a prospect they really love instead of grabbing the best of what they saw to check a box in the “roster building manual”. Which are unfortunately more of the initial vibes I’m getting.