Natural Selection

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I hate trading up. It’s harder to complain for a “win now” pick though.

We drafted a returner with wiggle and very solid hands. Damn I don’t want to jinx the kid but I think he has day 1 top NFL quality there. Yes the value of returner has diminished significantly, but still has more value than the gunners I’m also thinking about.

He is not a slot receiver in our offense. That’s a blocking position on “normal” downs. Who cares right now? He’s not going to play on “normal” downs. If he earns any role, it’ll likely be on gadget plays or 3rd and passing type downs. Any value he gives our offense is a bonus, but he has very good/excellent hands and makes plays. He will be a quality 6th receiver.

I’d love every prospect better a round later, and I would never trade up. Ever. I don’t think he’s a great offensive scheme fit. There are other receivers I liked more, but not as combo returners. Still, in a draft full of dislikes I’m going to be watching Darden intently. At least this pick seems focused on improving the 2021 roster.