Natural Selection

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This would be my thought process as well. I am 100% “win now”, and was open to trading early picks for future drafts. Build draft capital for a year or two down the road. Either have a bad season and/or have the extra picks to move up later.

If Trask becomes a quality starter, even if not the best in his class, it will obviously be a homerun pick. I have to admit there’s a much better chance to draft a quality starter for 2023/4 now than if we waited. If Trask is even a “quality backup” they trust with the #2 job, he will be a significant cap savings over a vet backup.

Mostly, I’m hoping this is something Tom Brady is truly on board with. He’s obviously here to win and not coach/mentor the next Bucs QB. As long as this didn’t ruffle his feathers in any way, I can live with it. My main function as GM would be trying to keep Tom playing as long as I possibly could.