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Greattimes, I never said Trask would be a bust. I don’t think those few QBs who were selected in that range were flat out busts for the most part. They were backup/fill in quarterbacks. You get what you pay for, and if you spend a pick in the 60s on a QB you should expect to get a backup/fill in quarterback. If you exceed those expectations that’s great. Does that mean they were busts? I don’t think you would call Jimmy Garoppolo or Tavaris Jackson busts. They were mediocre starting quarterbacks.

The question is why haven’t teams wanted to use a pick in the 60s to get a backup quarterback? I have to assume that they didn’t think it was worth it. But the Bucs and two other teams did think it was worth it this year. Do any of these teams really think they are getting a stud franchise QB of the future? Maybe they hope that and maybe they talk a good game, but I don’t think they really are counting on that. I think they know what they are getting.