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Don’t sleep on UDFA Sadarius Hutchinson. At 6’4″ 330 he is a mauler on the inside. His 40 time (5.0), his vertical jump and his benchpress were all in the 90% or above percentile. He came from a big school, He has a smaller reach and smaller hands so, they think suited to the inside but IMO, if you could train him for center at 330 and take any of the inside 3 spots. You have a player. The only knocks against him was fundamentals that he can learn and was projected as a starter down the road.

Also, if you look at him, this isnt a 280 pound guy with a 50 pound gut. There doesnt look to be much fat on the guy that I can see. I had him in several of my mocks.

FYI, he got so strong, they wouldnt let him lift any heavier weight sets as it was too dangerous. He will make the team, so think 2 offensive linemen.