Natural Selection

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I think there’s a strong case to be made for drafting a backup QB, even in the second round. The cap is a significant consideration, and will be as long as we are a destination for quality vets. Having a backup you’re comfortable with for barely over vet minimum, locked in 4 years, is a significant cap value. At a time where lots of teams are paying 5-10 times that price.

It’s not unreasonable for the team going into the repeat attempt to not want any rookie locked into that backup spot. So if they resign Gabbert and cut Griffen later, I get it. If Trask isn’t at least giving us the value of a cheap primary backup in 2022, I’ll start to ask much stronger questions.

QBs that don’t play also hold their value unlike any other position. Sometimes they even increase in value with time not playing. So it’s reasonable the Bucs could get a season or two of cheap backup and still return similar draft capital in a trade. As long as he doesn’t flat out poop on himself repeatedly.