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I think Bucs are in good shape along the OL for 2021. Hainsey’s RT/iOL versatility coupled with what we now know about Stinnie’s ability gives the Bucs enough reliable depth to survive two injuries to the starting OL.

I doubt the Bucs will let both Cappa, Jensen, and Stinnie all walk in 2022 so I don’t even think the starting OLine is a huge concern in 2022 either. Bucs have some interesting UDFA and futures OLineman on the roster right now and plucking a diamond out of the rough from that pool of players would just be the cherry on top.

I agree on the DL but the Bucs basically tied their own hands on that front by bringing back Suh, Nacho, and McClendon. As others have stated you can only earmark so many roster spots for interior defensive lineman.

There will be some holes on the roster at iDL and DB going into next year’s draft but that’s just the nature of the business. It’s rare to see a team as well rounded as the Bucs have in 2021.