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I think it has to do with having something in place for when Brady leaves. I don’t think he is necessarily the plan going forward after Brady leaves but he will likely get a shot. At least for now puts a damper on the need for a guy after Brady leaves. I’m sure they will see how he’s doing after a year or so to see if it was worth it or not. If not I don’t think they think they lost anything of real value. The team has all its starters and most backups coming back that won the super bowl the year before. I’d prefer they used on more depth but they wanted to use the draft to get depth and to take a chance on a qb that they believe could be good learning under Brady. If he turns out ok a lot of people will be happy with the pick. Even if we don’t win the Super bowl this year. If he isn’t is anybody really gonna lose sleep over a pick in the very bottom of second round didn’t work out?