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I read somewhere that his lack of zip on the ball is a technique issue where he is not using his legs/trunk in the right way and that it is correctible.

Second, Trask hasnt held a ball in his hand from the cradle like a lot of these guys. It wasn’t until 2019 that he started a game since his freshman year in high school. He has only played about 2 years as a starter on any team in his football career, college and high school. In 2020, he broke the teams passing TD record and was a Heisman consideration.

He is still growing as a QB. To put another way, those other guys who were picked in the top 5 have 5 or 6 football years on him and he is finally going to be a full time training QB.

He already has touch , accuracy, can move in the pocket aware of who is around him. he doesnt get wide eyed. he can do his check downs (i think) and will learn more from Brady and a full time QB coach.

Brady didnt have a good long ball when he came in. He will never be a Brady but other than 7 SBs, all of the others were won by someone other than Brady so it happens all the time.

Finally, IMO, the team makes the QB not the other way around. These teams picking high with no offensive line will see a disappointing QB. Look at Mahomes who lost some of his line and he was running for his life and never got in the end zone. Put up a great offensive line and a “zen” type even keel QB who can make the touch passes and work inside the pocket will get you there with no issues at all.