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you voted for Trump (even though . . cough cough . . not a Trumper) and you are SUPPORTER of nearly every GOP position discussed here.

Those positions never really make it into law without your buddies keeping the colored folks away from the ballot

YOU ARE A KNOWING beneficiary of racism, right?

You try to deflect from that by pointing to the comments of Tim Scott and now say, in essence, you dont support the racism in the party because your rep is . . wait for it . . a black guy**.

Rand Paul ain’t a black guy. Mitch McConnell aint a black guy. Tom Cotton aint a black guy. DeSantis aint a black guy.

** Your black GOP representative is about as lonely as Tim Scott

“In all, 15 percent of Black members serve in the state Senate — a total of six Black senators out of 40 members. Those Black state senators are all Democrats. One is female.

In the other chamber, 17.5 percent of Black members serve in the state House, a total of 21 Black state representatives out of 120 members. Of the 21 Black reps, 20 are Democrats and one is a Republican. The gender makeup is 13 Black females and eight Black males.


Once again you make everything about race. You’ve basically said I’m a racist for voting for a black guy. Because the only reason to vote for him is because of the black friend defense. Never once crosses your mind that I voted for him because I agree with him on most things.

Here I am, despicable white guy, voting my conscience and at the same time helping to put another black person in congress and your racist mind can’t get past the idea that a black guy believes shit that you think is racist…. because you have facts.

I have news for you… Even Uncle Joe now says America is not a racist country. It seems you and the nuts may have gone too far. I’d say calling a black Republican an uncle Tom would be one of those moments.