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Look, being in the GOP absolutely does NOT make one a racist OBVIOUSLY. . obviously . . did I say obviously?

you are not a racist if youre in the GOP

However, its IMPOSSIBLE . . impossible . . to be in the GOP without accepting that your party and policies are dependent on DISNFRANCHISING some minority votes

Impossible. Totally disconnected from reality if you say that’s not true IN THIS ENVIRONMENT and especially when even in the Cove you can find actual long, detailed examples FROM THE COURTS (ie from the process of forcing people to disclose things)

So, because that should be an unpleasant though to ANY actual American the GOP floats out bogus claims of fraud and BOGUS slogans like “every voter should have an ID ” to provide its members with a mental barrier between themselves and the SUPPRESSION, an EXCUSE so as to not have to consider the ATCUAL FACTS.


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