Boid Fink

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He developed year 2 because he was lobbing beach balls into a generational prospect in Pitts (highest drafted tight end in nfl history), and Kadarious who is absolutely a freak show with speed, agility, and tackle breaking skills, again a round 1 talent. Those guys help schlubs like Trask, also, he didn’t look good against Oklahoma? The team is awful on defense. By the time he is ready to go two years from now, this team will look startlingly different on offense we, and his arm talent at this level will get crushed. Just wait and see. Bucs fans aren’t winning titles with Trask as a starter. Just won’t ever happen.

First of all Boid I don’t understand the “peaked” talent. He played less than 2 seasons, ever. From year 1 to year 2 he improved in his reads and his decisions. He may well be at his peak, but we simply don’t know.

As for his mobility. He is a lot more mobile than advertised. There is no way in hell he is going run around like a startled chicken like Mahonnes did in the Superbowl but he will certainly be good enough for the 4th and 1, and 3 or 4 yards on the QB keeper.

Arm strength? He threw a couple of 50yd bombs against Alabama right on the money. I think that is mighty strong enough to push the safeties back far enough.

I see him in the mold of TB. Not comparing him directly but he is a good pocket passer, just like Brady. Therefore his an atypical Arians and by default Leftwich QB. He fits the system.

Why not now? As has been pointed out, no dire needs. The thing that normally kills highly touted and drafted QB’s is they go to a really shit team like Jacksonville or New York. Then they are expected to start immediately and they end up getting killed – as a rule.

I suspect that Leftwich is the HC in waiting. Arians will hang around for a year or two then hand over the keys. Asking him to follow with a rookie QB, if we do well, not from the top 15, will be a tough task to ask. Trask will have those 2 years to learn from Brady and get familiar with his OC/HC to be. When the torch is handed over they will be better prepared and have a better chance to succeed.