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C- draft for me.

We’ll never really know, but from what I’m hearing/reading it looks like Creed Humphrey was our main target in round two. I’m guessing we could have traded our 5th round pick, at the most, to move up and it would have had us trading up about 3 spots to #61 with the Bills. Either Licht didn’t get aggressive to make the move up or the Bills didn’t want to play ball.

This was the pivot point in our draft as it derailed our picks afterwards when we went with “plan B” and Trask. Had we traded our 5th rounder to move up and gotten Humphrey our draft would have looked like this based on the players we were rumored to be interested in, had meetings with, and actually ended up drafting:

1. Joe Tryon EDGE
2. Creed Humphrey IOL
3. Derrick Barnes ILB
4. Jaelon Darden WR
7. Chris Wilcox CB
7. Grant Stuard LB/S

So, instead of Humphrey we settled for Hainsey, and instead of Barnes we settled for KJ Britt, and in return got a QB who will likely never play meaningful snaps for us. I’m also gonna bet Hainsey and Britt are not on the team in 3 years, whereas Humphrey and Barnes would have turned into cornerstones of our team. Time will tell, but still very disappointing.

Like I said, it’s possible that we tried but couldn’t trade up for Humphrey, and in that case the cookie just crumbled badly for us this year with KC taking him right before us (reminds me of how the Bills took Cody Ford one pick before us in 2018 and he was very likely going to be our pick). Last year everything fell into place pretty well for us with Wirfs, Winfield, and Johnson, so I guess it can’t be perfect every time. Will be interesting to see how this year’s group pans out, but my money is on Tryon and Darden being the two guys that stick and play well over the next 4-8 years.