Boid Fink

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Should have been number 1 overall by all the knob slobbing here.

First pass in the highlight he hits Pitts perfectly between two defenders (just the right height to avoid a pick by throwing it slightly over or under). Second pass, with dude in his face, 40 yards in the air, no less, and hits Toney perfectly in stride for the easy score. After a screen pass, they show another pass to Pitts between two defenders, perfectly. Then a bomb, perfectly placed between two defenders to Toney. Then there’s the over the shoulder throw to Grimes (Surtain all over him), perfectly placed again. Then another bomb to Grimes in the middle. Another drive later he hits Pitts on a near perfect bomb, followed by another one to Pitts. Then there’s that incredible fade to Pitts in the end zone with three Tide defenders around him. Put that ball right where only Pitts could snare it and score.

Yeah, he sucks. What was I thinking! /sarc

Trask repeatedly showed the ability to put the ball exactly where it needed to be. Must be those horrible mechanics of his I keep hearing about. SMH