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Stuart was 8 in the nation in tackles. That is solid production for a seventh rounder. Big heart. Sounds like value as a special teamed, and maybe occasionally an j side run stuffer. But I get it. Tryon is upside and a boom/bust guy. Most round 1 DE are. Maybe he has an Adrian Clayborn type career. Maybe more.

I like the Jaelen Darden pick. A lot. More every day. You watch his stuff, and it is all upside and big play and YAC for days. Special team ROI is even, because we aren’t getting Devin Hester here. Just a guy who may shake free for one or two 6’s. His receiver upside is what I am keen about, and I think he was a solid pick. WR room is crowded, but two years of Brady potentially, and these are the guys he likes to throw to. Darden is literally a receiver built for Brady. I almost feel like they gave him (12) a pick and this was it…

Unlike last year this feels like we got 1 player and a bunch of guys who are either a miss or basically we drafted to get guys who would be backups with no starter potential.

Tyron is a big win. Production and physical tools at a position of high need/value. Love this selection.
Trask. Bad player, bad theory taking the player. I say bad theory because the idea that you will get a QB1 at the back end of R2 is silly. Worse, is that if you are all in on this year and next this represents a big opportunity cost on a player who could contribute and you picked a guy who won’t play.
Hainsey. R3 is a place you can get a potential starter for interior OL and Hainsey is a guy that can’t be a tackle and will have to kick inside, something he hasn’t done other than Senior Bowl. Even at that, his toolset seems limited and he has technical problems because his physical tools are limited. He’s a guy we want to be a backup this year but his ceiling feels backup and I don’t like drafting for a low ceiling.
Darden makes me mental because we see this all the time of drafting a guy to be a return guy. Problem is that position basically doesn’t matter in terms of value. Worse, success is more random than purposed. It makes a nice talking point but getting a guy who can play matters more.
Britt is very much the sort of guy you get in R5. He feels like a guy who has a long term future as a backup ILB but his weakness in coverage is lethal as a starter.
Wilcox and Stuard are R7 guys so whatever. I mean ideally I want physical freaks with no production or crazy production with no physical traits. Swing for the fences, these guys are neither of those but both are pretty much what you usually get in R7.